Safety comes first!


Please follow these tips for before and after the pest control treatment to keep your family and pets safe!

To do BEFORE the technician arrives...

  • Close all windows.

  • Lock all sliding doors.

  • Leave the front and rear doors open for the technician to access the premises.

  • Remove all clothes from the clothes lines and store them inside the wardrobe.

  • Keep your pets away from the premises including  fish bowls, bird cages, dog kennels etc.

  • Keep all drinking glasses, crockery, cutlery and/or pet bowls covered, or in an eclosed area.

  • Keep all food (including pet food etc.) in the pantry and cover it properly.

  • Cover all items such as Computers, TVs, Children toysc. with old linen or bedsheets.

  • Cover or store in enclosed areas any toothbrushes, towels or any other toiletries, makeup, cooking utensils, leather furniture, pillows, telephones, keyboards etc.

  • Inform the technician if the walls are recently painted.

  • Inform the technician if any furniture is oil treated.

To do AFTER the pest control treatment...

  • DO NOT enter the premises for at least 4 hours after the pest control treatment is done.

  • When you do enter the house (after 4 hours), open all windows as soon as possible.



Safety Data Sheets