Additional Services

At Pest Pesters, we offer many additional services around your home!  Infact, if you can think of some project, we probably can help!

Oven & BBQ Cleaning


We use effective de-greasers that are not harmful to remove oil stains

Our charges are reasonable - value for money

Fence Cleaning


Soft Chemical Clean


We give a soft chemical clean which will remove the mold and moss from the fence within a few weeks after the treatment is done.


For immediate results water blasting needs to be done and its result is visible in the photo that is attached. The before and after effect is prominent. We make your fence look like new.

Conversion of Video to DVD


We can assist you pereserve your precious memories stored on your VHS, video camera tapes, SD cards, 8mm & super 8mm film rolls to DVDs or USB. We convert photos from negative films to JPG or orther formats on USB